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Tim Cook wants season four of 'Ted Lasso,' says Coach Beard

Brendan Hunt on "Ted Lasso"

Brendan Hunt, renowned for portraying Coach Beard in the popular series "Ted Lasso," recently mentioned an encounter with Apple CEO Tim Cook, who hopes for more content.

Hunt has been an important part of the Ted Lasso journey on Apple TV+. His involvement dates back to 2013 when he and his co-star Jason Sudeikis collaborated on a Premier League advertisement for NBC Sports.

He recently talked with "The Envelope," a podcast from the Los Angeles Times, about the show and his career. For example, he has been working and doing improvisational comedy in Amsterdam for years, and Ted Lasso did an episode there in the latest season.

Hunt said that living in Europe turned him into a soccer fan. "I was vaguely aware of soccer [before]," he said. But in Amsterdam, the whole football world opened up. It's a legitimate cultural experience."

He also talked about the origins of his character having a beard. "I only had a beard in [the original Premier League ad] because I was doing a play at the time where I played a homeless person. So for the first time in my life I had a beard."

Interestingly, when asked if Apple would allow the production of a fourth season for "Ted Lasso," or if the conclusion of season three would be the end of the series, Hunt mentioned an encounter with Cook.

The Apple CEO visited the set one day and, when he had a chance to speak in the locker room, said, "Thank you for all your hard work, and I sure hope there's a Season 4."

It's unclear if there will be a fourth season of Ted Lasso, but the possibility of spinoffs of the show has been mentioned by Jason Sudeikis. Hunt says there isn't a clear answer, but they will take a break.

"Everything's on the table now, including nothing," he said. "It's been an all-in job for us for so long that we're going to go away for a little bit and take a break, and then we'll reconvene and figure out if something else is going to happen."

It might be a considerable amount of time before anything happens, as numerous cast members have moved on towards new ventures.