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Apple releases iOS 16.5.1, iPadOS 16.5.1, macOS Ventura 13.4.1, and watchOS 9.5.2 updates

A month after its last iOS 16.5 update for iPhone users, Apple has now issued iOS 16.5.1 and iPadOS 16.5.1, plus corresponding ones for macOS Ventura, and watchOS.

Although already into the beta cycle of releases for its next generation of operating systems such as iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, Apple is continuing to maintain the officially current versions of its device software.

The new releases for iOS and iPadOS have a build number of 20F75. For the macOS Ventura 13.4.1 release, the number is 22F82, and for watchOS 9.5.2, it's 20T571.

As ever, Apple's release notes say very little about the content of the update, but this time it does single out one bug that it addresses for the iPhone and iPad.

"This update provides important security fixes and is recommended for all users," says Apple. "It also fixes and issue that prevents charging with the Lightning to USB 3 Camera adapter."

How to update to the new release

To force an iPhone or iPad to update to this latest release immediately, go to Settings, General, then tap on Software Update.

On a Mac, go to System Settings, and choose Software Update.

Note that depending on the device's settings, such updates are automatically installed over a few days from release. Also, as the update is released worldwide, it's also possible that it will take time for versions to roll out to all countries.

Other updates released on Wednesday include watchOS 8.8.1, macOS Big Sur 11.7.8, macOS Monterey 12.6.7, iPadOS 15.7.7, and iOS 15.7.7.