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Apple Vision Pro will let you toss timers all over your kitchen while cooking

Setting timers in virtual reality

The creator of a recipe app is developing a function for Apple Vision Pro that enables users to set timers and position them alongside their food in a virtual reality environment.

Apple released its visionOS SDK and developer tools on Wednesday that are included in the second beta for Xcode. Developers have already started tinkering and considering ways to incorporate their apps into virtual reality.

For example, Steve Troughton Smith found that it's possible to select a specific area within the headset's visual range and position any app in a way that gives the illusion of it being physically located on that surface. And that's what Devin, creator of the Crouton app, is doing.

In a tweet, he announced his ongoing efforts to incorporate timer-setting capabilities into the visionOS edition of his app, allowing users to place timers beside the food they are cooking conveniently. The feature aims to assist in tracking time and maintaining organization during the cooking process.

"Timer support underway, place timers next to the food so you know what's what!" he said. "Handy when you've got a few things on the go."

Apple's forthcoming visionOS system for its headset introduces a feature that lets users resize app windows and incorporate multiple apps within their visual field. This feature enables apps to remain fixed in their positions, seamlessly blending into the surrounding environment and creating an immersive experience.

Users can seamlessly switch between different apps without losing sight of their virtual surroundings. Apps remain anchored in place, as Devin shows with his upcoming timer functionality.