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How Apple Vision Pro's top strap works and when it may be needed

Source: Marcus Kane

A new render of the Apple Vision Pro reveals how the optional extra top strap can be fitted, and the positioning suggests it may be needed for extended sessions.

Apple hasn't hidden that Vision Pro can have an extra strap fitted, but much like the battery pack, it hasn't dwelled on it either. Plus the first accessory to be announced from third-party firms is a head band that, so far, does not include the extra strap.

Now a render of the Vision Pro by Twitter user Marcus Kane animates how the extra strap connects to the headset. It shows that the main head band, which fits behind a user's head, needs to be disconnected first.

Then the extra strap is fitted, and the head band is reattached.

With both head band and strap in use, the Vision Pro is more snugly and securely fitted. But it also means that some of the weight of the device is now borne by the top of the wearer's head.

Running the strap from left to right across the wearer's head, however, does not support the weight as well as a forward to back one would. It appears, then, to be a compromise between weight distribution and the aesthetics of the headset design.

Nonetheless, any strap means that the weight is at least more distributed than without one. Kane suggests that this means the strap is intended to make longer sessions with the Vision Pro be more comfortable.

For the moment that is, though, necessarily just surmise. Apple has not yet released details of the weight of the Vision Pro, nor details surrounding the strap.

Apple has said that that the battery life is approximately two hours. But it does also expect wearers to use it for watching films, which are most likely to exceed that duration, or to replace aircraft passengers' use of inflight entertainment systems.