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Brydge relaunches in a new venture with old executives

Brydge keyboard and trackpad

Following its foreclosure, accessory maker Brydge has been restarted by officers including its ex-chief financial officer, and a "number of former Brydge employees."

Brydge went into liquidation earlier in 2023, with its brand name, assets and intellectual property being sold in May 2023. At the time, it wasn't clear who had bought the assets and the name, but now a firm named Uinta Products has announced that it is bringing back Brydge.

According to its statement, Uinta Products is led by Leon Rossi, former Chief Financial Officer of Brydge, and Alan Way, former Head of Sales.

"Uinta Products is thrilled to build on the strong product portfolio and partnerships of the Brydge brand," said Way, now Chief Revenue Officer at Uinta Products. "We are poised to deliver technology and productivity products that allow consumers and organisations to be more productive from anywhere."

"[We] want to assure all stakeholders that we are committed to rebuilding this business stronger and better," said Rossi, now CEO of Uinta. "A number of former Brydge employees have joined us at Uinta, further strengthening our ability to deliver on our promise."

"Uinta is excited to relaunch Brydge back into the market," he continued. "With Brydge's history of quality and innovative products we are looking forward to a successful endeavour."

Uinta Products reportedly bought Bydge's assets and IP with funding from Claret Capital Partners.

When Brydge closed down, it left orders incomplete and staff unpaid. It's not known whether this new venture will address either issue.