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TSMC sends more Taiwanese workers to finish Arizona plant


Apple's processor supplier TSMC says that to ensure a "fast ramp up" of its new Arizona Factory, it is sending more workers from Taiwan for this "critical phase."

Even as TSMC objects to conditions imposed by the US — it effectively has to pay tax twice — it is continuing to invest in Arizona. The first chip fabrication plant there is due to open in 2024, and now the company says it needs the skilled expertise of more Taiwanese staff.

According to Reuters, the company has announced the move, but not yet said how many workers are involved. It has said that the extra Taiwanese staff will only be in Arizona for a limited time.

"Given we are now in a critical phase handling all of the most advanced and dedicated equipment in a sophisticated facility, we require skilled expertise," the company told Reuters.

TSMC did also say that the new workers are not replacing any of the current 12,000 employees, nor will this change its US recruitment plans.

Previously, TSMC engineers in Taiwan have complained that Americans don't work hard enough, and "are the most difficult to manage."