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Rumored Apple Watch Ultra with microLED may not arrive as soon as predicted

Apple Watch Ultra

A version of the Apple Watch Ultra incorporating a microLED display may arrive later than previously rumored, with claims that production problems are popping up.

The Apple Watch Ultra is the top-of-the-line model in the wearables range, with the largest display available. While there have been rumors about the OLED display being replaced by a microLED version in the future, it seems that the timing of production may be again a bit later than first anticipated.

According to market research firm TrendForce, reports TheElec, mass production of the microLED Apple Watch has been postponed. Rather than an early 2025 release, it is instead being pushed back to the first quarter of 2026.

TrendForce is guessing that Apple is still researching and developing microLED technology, and that it is still in the sample stage. This is apparently down to the high technical difficulty of production, and the ensuing high manufacturing cost.

Apple has already invested heavily in microLED production, with TrendForce believing over $1 billion has been spent on the effort so far.

The supposed schedule slip to 2026 is yet another rumored delay for the product's release. In 2023 alone, rumor reports have suggested a slip from a 2024 release into the first quarter of 2025, followed by claims it slid to the second half of 2025.

MicroLED stands to provide users a better display than OLED in a number of ways, including higher brightness and sharper images, as well as high levels of contrast.

Apple is said to be planning to use the display technology on the Apple Watch Ultra first before expanding into other areas. This could include creating long-lasting displays for an Apple Vision Pro follow-up.