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Vision Pro will require an appointment, initially only in Apple Stores

Apple Vision Pro

To ensure Apple Vision Pro correctly fits customers and any prescription glasses they have, the headset will initially sold by appointment in a limited number of Apple Stores, though it will expand both nationally and internationally in late 2024.

It's already clear that a lot of work remains to be done before Apple can release its Vision Pro headset, but just selling the device is going to be complicated.

According to Bloomberg, the cost of the device, and the necessity to have it personally adjusted for each buyer, means its rollout will be a major operation — and require an appointment. Each of Apple's US stores will ultimately have an area devoted to the Vision Pro, with demo units, accessories, and seating.

To help with setting up Vision Pro for each customer, Apple is said to be developing both an iPhone app and a physical device where each will scan a person's head prior to purchase.

However, these features are said to be coming first to the largest stores, or ones in key locations such as Los Angeles and New York. A nationwide rollout should follow shortly afterwards.

Despite the issues of customization for each buyer, Bloomberg also says that the Apple Vision Pro will be sold through the online Apple Store in early 2024. It will then expand to other, unspecified, online stores, but the publication says that will not include third-party resellers until at least 2025.

From late 2024, though, Bloomberg reports that Apple has said it will sell Vision Pro internationally from late 2024.

Again, it is reportedly planned that the international launch will be in stages. Unspecified sources say that the UK and Canada are being discussed as the first international markets, followed by Asia and Europe.

No decision has been made about the countries it will be sold in, but it's claimed that Apple is currently localizing the headset for France, Germany, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea.