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Crime blotter: Woman accused of offering AirPods to pay for attempted murder

Apple Store at Roosevelt Field Mall

In the latest Apple Crime Blotter, iPhone thefts at Nashville bars, stolen credit cards used at Apple Store, and a man in Ghana who stole Meek Mill's phone is accused of stealing another.

The latest in an occasional AppleInsider series, looking at the world of Apple-related crime.

Woman accused of offering AirPods to pay for attempted murder of rival's unborn child

A woman in Florida has been arrested and charged with attempting to arrange the murder of a romantic rival's unborn child- and part of the plan was to pay off the killer with a pair of Apple AirPods.

According to Law and Crime, the victim told deputies that her former fiance told her the accused perpetrator had contacted him and offered to "kill the victim's unborn child." The victim also showed deputies Snapchat messages showing both instructions and that the accused had offered to pay with AirPods.

The woman has been charged with one count each of "solicitation for the killing of an unborn child by injury to mother, attempted killing of an unborn child by injury to mother, and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence."

iPhones frequently stolen at Nashville honky-tonks

iPhones and other cell phones have been frequently stolen of late from honky-tonk establishments on Broadway in Nashville, Fox 17 reported.

One woman whose iPhone was stolen was able to trace it to a hotel near Nashville Zoo, while she later received a message from someone who appeared to be the thief, who claimed to be in China.

Accused Highmark hacker used stolen funds at Apple Store

A former employee of insurance giant Highmark stole around $50,000 from the health savings accounts of eight customers, and spent the stolen money at the Apple Store, Lululemon and other high-end stores.

WPXI says the woman, who worked remotely from South Carolina, called the company's customer service department. She posed as the theft victim, and then would "change their password to their health savings account, log in, and withdrew and transferred money."

Apple Watch stolen shortly after it was purchased

A Long Island man who had just purchased a new Apple Watch at the Apple Store at Roosevelt Field Mall had it stolen from his car shortly afterward.

According to Patch, the man was stopped at a red light when another car stopped behind him and a man got out. The man in the second car broke the first man's rear driver-side window, grabbed the Apple Watch, got back in his own car, and fled.

Man accused in Idaho murders had once stolen his sister's iPhone

The man accused in the recent high-profile Idaho murders was arrested nearly a decade earlier for stealing and selling his sister's iPhone.

ABC News reports Bryan Kohberger, who has been charged with murdering four University of Idaho students in late 2022, had been arrested in 2014.

Then 19 years old, Kohberger was accused of stealing an iPhone belonging to his sister and selling it at a mall kiosk. His father had reported him to the police, and the arrest had not appeared in earlier inquiries into the accused murderer's criminal history.

Ghanaian man who stole Meek Mill's phone arrested again

A man in Ghana who had previously been arrested for stealing an iPhone belonging to American rapper Meek Mill has been arrested again for another phone theft. According to Ghana Web, the 33-year-old man had stolen Meek Mill's iPhone following the rapper's performance at the Afro Nation concert in Ghana in December of 2022.

After he was granted bail, the same man was accused of stealing another phone, that belonged to a medical officer.

Policeman in England is jailed after using iPad to film woman in shower

A man who formerly worked as a policeman with the British Transport Police (BTP) has been found guilty of voyeurism and jailed after he was accusing of using his iPad to film a woman while she undressed.

Nottingham Post explains the man was sentenced to a year in jail, as well as 10 years on a sex offenders' registry.

The incident took place in 2021 when a woman went to shower and noticed an iPad that had been set to record was on the window sill. He had already been removed from his job with the Transit Police.

Woman's credit card appears at Apple Store after strong-arm robbery

After a woman was robbed outside of her car in a parking lot in Palo Alto, someone tried to use her credit card shortly afterward at the nearby Apple Store.

According to Palo Alto Online, the woman was loading bags in her car when she was confronted by a man who demanded her wallet. The suspect ran away with the wallet, and later that day, there were attempts to use her credit card at the Apple Store and Whole Foods in the area.

However, the credit cards were declined.

Family loses car, iPad in Mall of America theft

A family from Texas who was visiting Minnesota in June had their SUV stolen — and with it, an iPad, the father's wedding ring, and the keys to their home — during a trip to the Mall of America.

Fox 9 reports the family immediately left Minnesota over the "bad vibes." The family has launched a GoFundMe.