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Rumor: Apple may introduce iPhone 15 in pink

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus

The iPhone 15 could be offered in more new colors than previously thought, with a leak claiming the lineup could include a pink option for 2023.

As the September launch of the iPhone 15 gets closer, rumors about the color choices of Apple are becoming more frequent. In the latest leak, it is proposed that there could be a bunch of colors available for the non-Pro models.

In a Saturday tweet by prolific leaker @VnchocoTaco, also known as "ShrimpApplePro," an image of what appears to be a Weibo post is shared. The post, translated from Chinese, mentions that there is to be the use of "green, light yellow, and pink" models.

If true, the range of color options for the iPhone 15 could be, according to Shrimp:

  • Midnight
  • Starlight
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Product (RED)

While Shrimp does have a history of providing Apple-related leaks, the Weibo-based screenshot offers a relatively small amount of proof. An image is included in the post depicting a Foxconn security badge, with the photo covered by a thumb, as if to prove the source works for Apple's assembly partner.

In previous leaks, another Weibo leaker offered in July that the iPhone 15 would use a green color, at the same time as reporting on a crimson iPhone 15 Pro shade. In February, leaks put forward a pink and blue iPhone 15 and a dark red iPhone 15 Pro.

There's no guarantee at all that the leaks about colors are completely accurate, especially for launch. Apple does habitually update the iPhone lineup with a mid-year color addition, so it is plausible one color may not arrive until spring 2024.