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Apple reveals US tax holiday rules for six states

Tax holiday

The annual tax holiday prior to the start of the school year begins soon, and Apple has detailed exactly what products are eligible for tax exemption and other rules for six states.

Tax holiday perks and limitations vary from state to state. So, each year Apple provides a list of eligible products and specific rules to help customers shop.

The Apple tax holiday sale page in now available for the annual back-to-school sale, first spotted by MacRumors. It lists qualifying products and dates for Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Missouri, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

This sale is separate from Apple's back-to-school promotion, and the website could gain more states as the tax-free weekends approach. Many states across the US offer tax-free weekends to promote back-to-school shopping from July to August.


Alabama's tax holiday is from July 21 to 23.

The total sale price of all exempt items cannot exceed $750. Computers and computer accessories like Macs, iPads, keyboards, the Apple Pencil, monitors, printers, storage media, and third-party software are eligible.


Arkansas' tax holiday is from August 5 to 6.

There isn't a price limit for exempt items. Any Mac, iPad, iPhone, and product accessory qualifies.


Florida's tax holiday is from July 24 to August 6.

The total sale price of all exempt items cannot exceed $1,500. Macs, iPads, accessories, and AppleCare qualify.


Missouri's tax holiday is from August 4 to 6.

Computers and hardware cannot exceed $1,500, while software cannot exceed $350. Eligible products include Macs, iPads, and accessories, including Apple TV.


Tennessee's tax holiday is from July 28 to 30.

Computers and select accessories that qualify cannot exceed a total sales price of $1,500. Macs, iPads, and any accessory sold with a qualifying computer qualifies. Accessories not sold with a computer do not qualify on their own.

West Virginia

West Virginia's tax holiday is from August 4 to 7.

Only iPads under $500 are eligible for this state's tax holiday.

While these are the only states listed at the time of publication, be sure to check Apple's website for more states' info as it becomes available.