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Netflix just made it more expensive to go ad-free in US & UK

Credit: David Balev/Unsplash

Netflix has removed its Basic plan for US and UK users, and in doing so, has effectively doubled the cost of streaming the service ad-free.

Going ad-free on Netflix just got a lot more expensive as the company has now removed its popular Basic plan for users in the UK and the US. The move follows the same action it had taken a month prior in Canada.

Previously, Netflix subscribers were allowed to subscribe to "Netflix Basic," a budget option that gave users the right to stream content on a single device at a time. Basic subscribers were locked to 720p but only had to pay $9.99 monthly.

But, as noted by Cordcutters Netflix had attempted to hide the plan to encourage users to sign up for the new $6.99 Basic with Ads — now called Standard with Ads — or one of its other premium packages. Users could still access Basic by reading the fine print on the subscription screen.

However, this option is no longer available, and users will need to subscribe to Standard with Ads for $6.99 or can go ad-free by subscribing to the "Standard" plan for $15.49 per month — now double the cost of the ad-supported plan.

Currently, those subscribed to the Basic plan can continue to use it. Be warned — if you switch to another tier, you won't be able to switch back.

Netflix rolled out the Standard with Ads plan in November, hoping to give users a more budget-friendly option after the company announced it would cut down on password sharing.