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Apple opens up Back to School offers to university students

Apple's Back to School promotional graphics

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Following on from its Back to School sales, Apple has moved on to higher education, with university student offers now available until October 23.

In June, Apple held its Back to School promotion for 2023, offering discounts and bonuses on a variety of Mac and iPad deals to students and educators. In late August, Apple has shifted its attention to those heading to college and university.

Effectively matching the Back to School campaign, the higher education-aimed version offers Apple gift cards worth up to $150, on top of the usual discounts that apply to education customers.

The deals start with a 13-inch MacBook Air starting from $899 or $74.91 per month for 12 months, with customers getting that $150 gift card. There's also the 13-inch MacBook Pro starting from $1,199 and the 24-inch iMac from $1,249, also with the gift card.

The Mac mini is also on sale starting from $499, but with a $100 gift card instead.

Offers are also available for the iPad range, with the iPad Air priced from $549 and the iPad Pro collection from $719. In both cases, there's a $100 gift card attached to the purchase.

Customers taking advantage of Apple's promotion can also get 20% off the cost of AppleCare+.

The offers are open to all U.S. higher education students, and parents purchasing on behalf of their child, as well as staff working at universities and colleges. Offers are also available in the United Kingdom, via its regional Apple Store.

While Apple's deals are useful, it's possible that shoppers can find better deals elsewhere. Many third-party retailers are offering back-to-school offers, and some may work out to be a better deal than what Apple offers.

The AppleInsider price guides can help you find a better deal. There is a Mac Price Guide alongside an iPad Price Guide, as well as others covering the rest of the Apple ecosystem.