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Overnight updates to physical Apple Stores could hint at fast post-event product availability

AirPods Pro could get USB-C upgrade

Apple tends to hold its iPhone events on a Tuesday and release products about ten days later, but overnight updates to physical retail stores could mean quick product availability.

Apple has a predictable product release routine that seldom breaks. However, a new rumor suggests some products may become available the day after the iPhone 15 announcement event.

According to an X post from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple retail stores will get updates the night after the September 12 iPhone event. This could signal an immediate product availability or perhaps just a simple marketing transition.

While the iPhone 15 lineup will likely follow the usual schedule — pre-orders on Friday with a release the following Friday — other products could be released on Wednesday. Speculation points to USB-C productupdates and other accessories rather than a significant product category like Mac or iPad.

Since the iPhone will get USB-C this time, many accessories need to be updated to follow suit. Products like the MagSafe Battery Pack, AirPods, and Magic Keyboard all still use Lightning and could be updated with immediate availability.

Of course, it could just be a simple marketing update. Apple tends to update marketing like posters and displays after an event anyway, so this wouldn't be unusual.