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Apple will frame iPhone 15 USB-C switch as a consumer win

Apple's introduction of the iPhone 15 generation with USB-C will be framed as a win for consumers at launch, a leaker claims, with Apple keen to present itself as being in a position of strength rather than being forced into making the change.

Apple's switch from Lightning to USB-C will be a major event for the iPhone history books, with numerous leaks indicating the component change is probably going to happen. However, there's still the question of how Apple will frame moving from its own connector design to a more common version.

In Mark Gurman's "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg on Sunday, it is offered that Apple's announcement of USB-C in the iPhone 15 will be proclaimed as good for consumers.

The reasons for the change that Apple could mention includes the use of a single charging cable for iPhone, Mac, and iPad, with iPhones sometimes charging faster under certain circumstances. The compatibility with chargers used by non-Apple hardware is also thought to be a benefit, as well as a data transfer speed bump.

Apple will do this because the company will always talk about changes from a position of strength, Gurman says.

While Apple will cover the benefits of the change, it will almost certainly avoid discussing European rules about a common charger, which is one of the main real reasons for the update.