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Crime blotter: Latest on Philadelphia Apple Store looting

The Apple Store on Walnut Street in Philadelphia

In the latest Apple Crime Blotter, a congressman loses iPhone and iPad in carjacking, over 300 Apple Watches are stolen from a truck, and devices are seized in the Tupac probe.

The latest in an occasional AppleInsider series, looking at the world of Apple-related crime.

Philadelphia Apple Store looting was planned on social media

Following a day of protests after a former Philadelphia police officer had murder charges tossed by a judge, looters ransacked an Apple Store in Philadelphia's Center City on September 26.

The thefts, as well as others at other stories throughout the city that night and for several days afterward, had been openly planned on social media, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. More than 60 people had been arrested after the first two nights of looting throughout the city, although it's not clear how many of them had been at the Apple Store specifically.

As is usually the case with display iPhones and other items stolen from stores, the stolen devices did not work, and the thieves could be seen on viral videos dropping the useless phones on the ground.

Those arrested in Philadelphia are among the first people to face charges for stealing phones from the new iPhone 15 line.

iPhone, iPad stolen from Congressman in carjacking

A member of Congress was carjacked in Washington on October 2, and he had an iPhone and iPad taken from him in addition to his car. According to The New York Times, Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), was held up at gunpoint in Washington's Navy Yard area.

The Congressman was unharmed and his car was recovered, although it has not been reported whether the devices have resurfaced.

Four men accused of stealing hundreds of Apple Watches from truck

A quartet of men in Ohio have been accused of stealing more than 300 Apple Watches from a FedEx delivery truck outside an Apple Store. The Journal News reports the four men pulled up in an SUV and took the pallet with the Apple Watches, which were headed to the Apple Store at The Greene in Beavercreek.

The four men were charged with aggravated theft, conspiracy to commit aggravated theft, receiving stolen property, and possession of criminal tools. Investigators are looking into whether the group is part of a multi-state spree, The Dayton Daily News reported.

iPhone and iPads were seized from the man arrested in Tupac Shakur's 1996 slaying

When the famed rapper Tupac Shakur was murdered in Las Vegas in September of 1996, iPhones and iPads were still a long way away from being invented. But the September 29 arrest of a man in connection with the long-unsolved murder may have resulted from some seized Apple devices.

According to Fox News and other media outlets, Duane "Keffe D" Davis was arrested and charged with open murder with use of a deadly weapon, in addition to a gang enhancement.

Back in July, the home of the wife of the now-60-year-old Davis was raided, and authorities seized an iPhone, three iPads, four laptops, and other items, including a copy of a book in which Davis appeared to admit that he was present when Shakur was shot.

Accused nail supply store shoplifters caught after one comes back for her iPhone

Two women allegedly stole $600 worth of merchandise from a California nail supply store and were caught when one of them returned to retrieve her iPhone.

Fox 11 reports the woman came back to get her phone, which had her driver's license and credit card in the case. After she was confronted, the woman "threw the owner to the ground and roughed up the cashier who was pregnant." Both accused thieves were arrested about a mile from the store.

Bail revoked for man accused of crashing into Apple Store in 2022

The Massachusetts man currently awaiting trial after he crashed his car into an Apple Store in 2022, which killed one person and injured 22 others, has had his bail revoked. According to The Associated Press, the man was on home confinement but has been sentenced to 60 days in jail after he failed to charge his monitoring device.

The man claims his right foot became stuck on his car's accelerator, and he tried to brake with his left foot but was unable to stop his car.

Boston Police looking for suspect in theft of viola, iPad Pro

Police in Boston released photos of a man they believe is responsible for the theft of a $70,000 viola, as well as an iPad Pro. Ludwig Van, a classical music news website, says the case had a pair of Boston University stickers, and the suspect had distinctive tattoos.

Tracked AirPods leads to arrest of "prolific" thief

After police tracked a pair of stolen AirPods, they were led to a "prolific burglary suspect" with 27 outstanding warrants over the course of just nine months.

According to The Charlotte Observer, the AirPods led police to the Nashville home of the 19-year-old accused thief. At the home, police found two stolen vehicles, as well as "two AR-15 pistols, checkbooks, credit cards and a key programmer." The man is held in lieu of $232,000 bond.

Texas man arrested after AirTags lead police to stolen cars

A man was arrested after AirTags pinged the remains of a stolen car at a chop shop in the Houston area. ABC 13 reports police believe the man has been stealing and dismantling cars in the area since 2019.

The man has been charged with tampering with a record, as well as two counts of theft.

Wegman's employee fired after he was accused of using AirTag to track a woman

In another case involving illicit use of an AirTag, a man working at a Wegman's supermarket in Virginia was both arrested and fired after he was caught trying to track a female customer with an AirTag.

According to WTKR, the 20-year-old store employee stuck the AirTag with a package of stickers he was giving to a child, because he was interested in the girl's mother and wanted to track her. The mother discovered the tracker and called the police, believing that something was "off" with the store employee who had presented the stickers.

A letter was also found in the man's phone which he "allegedly intended to deliver to the victim."