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Apple-backed right to repair bill now law in California

Apple Self Repair Program

The right to repair bill SB 244 has been signed into law, which Apple has previously stated support for due to already complying with its requirements.

Apple is at the center of many right to repair debates, but this time it's on the right side of legislation. California has signed the right to repair SB 244 bill into law, which should have a ripple effect through the United States.

The bill expands on the existing Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act of 1970 and has a similar scope to a bill passed in Minnesota in May.

SB-244 sets strict terms for manufacturers by requiring parts, tools, and documentation for any purchased product for up to seven years after release. The bill goes well beyond existing warranty requirements.

Apple's Self Service Repair Program for iPhone released in 2022, and has slowly expanded into Mac. The program is enough to satisfy the requirements of SB-244, which is why the company openly backed the bill.

While this bill and Apple's support aren't enough to quell the right to repair movement, they are a step in the right direction. Repairability and easily sourced parts are often touted as important virtues for reducing a device's carbon footprint, something Apple is highly committed to.