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French government leaks late October release date for iOS 17.1

The entire iPhone 12 lineup

France's radiation watchdog has leaked the impending release of iOS 17.1 by October 24, with fixes that will end the iPhone 12 radio frequency exposure controversy and potential recall threat.

As noted by iPhoneSoft, the Agence Nationale Des Frequences (ANFR) in France shared an update on its website today about the iPhone 12 situation that says iOS 17.1 will become available "no later than October 24."

The update addresses the confusion surrounding France's insistence that the iPhone 12 reportedly exceeds the country's legal limit for radio frequency exposure.

While Apple no longer sells the iPhone 12, France threatened to recall the model over health concerns. While Apple denied France's allegations concerning radiation exposure in the iPhone 12, and provided documentation from international testing, it promised to address the issue with an update.

Apple released a support document detailing how France's testing methodology differed from international standards. The document also spells out that the power reduction in iOS 17.1 is only happening to customers in France.