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Apple TV renovation could kill iTunes Movies app in December

Apple TV

Apple could overhaul its Apple TV app by the end of the year, in a bid to make it easier for users to acquire content without needing to access other apps to buy or rent content.

The current landscape for Apple's video content sales and rental is one consisting of multiple apps. While the Apple TV app was meant to be a way to aggregate videos from Apple's various services, it still meant users were often funneled into the other apps to buy and rent items.

According to Bloomberg, the Apple TV app could see a big change in tvOS 17.2, which should be released sometime in December.

In the change, Mark Gurman believes Apple will discontinue apps like iTunes Movies and TV Shows, as well as relevant movie and TV show elements from the iTunes Store app on iOS and iPadOS. Instead, Apple intends users wanting video content to head into the single, solitary TV app.

As part of the refresh, the app will be redesigned to have an aesthetic reminiscent of Netflix and other video services, in having a panel on the left-hand side for navigating between the different video categories.