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Apple releases updates for iOS 17.1, iPadOS 17.1

iOS 17

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Apple has released its updates for iOS 17.1 and iPadOS 17.1, with the public now able to download and install it to their iPhones and iPads.

The first significant update since the release of the milestone iOS 17 and iPadOS 17 on September 18, Apple has concluded its beta-testing cycle and has released the updates of iOS 17.1 and iPadOS to the public.

The first main update usually consists of features that Apple wanted to include in the initial release, but missed the boat on.

For iOS 17.1, the list of updates includes a favorites feature for Apple Music, which replaces the previous "Love" mechanic. Apple Music playlists can also be illustrated by color-matched options of various geometric designs.

AirDrop Over Internet also appears in this release. A big change to AirDrop, the feature allows for transfers to be completed over Wi-Fi or a cellular connection to the Internet, in cases where the original signal drops for a standard transfer.

Changes were also made to the Display options to adjust StandBy, including whether the display can turn off automatically, after 20 seconds, or never.

The Wallet app can show bank balances of connected cards, though only for UK device owners at present. Other noticed changes include Dynamic Island gaining a flashlight icon, the lock screen getting a Photo Shuffle option, and an improvement to how the Action Button functions.

Release notes that first appeared in the beta for iOS 17.1 mentioned there was a fix to a screen burn-in issue affecting a number of iPhone 15 users.

Other iPad and iPhone operating systems have arrived as well. Wednesday also saw releases of iOS and iPadOS 15.8, plus iOS and iPadOS 16.7.2.

To update to iOS 17 or iPadOS 17, open the Settings app then select General, then Software Update. If the update is available for your device, tap it and follow the on-screen instructions.