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Apple Car expected to arrive sometime before 2030

The Apple Car is still far from becoming a reality, a report writes, but the vehicle is still expected to make an appearance relatively close to 2030.

Apple's automotive efforts have led to a lot of speculation over the years, prompting rumors and speculation for the vehicle proposing a launch within years. In a Sunday report, it is thought that it is still years from being introduced, but that it could still be out within the current decade.

In the "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman declares "A car is still a ways out." More specifically, Apple is said to not expected to "ship anything until later in the decade" for the project.

Gurman's comment follow another long-way-off proclamation from Ming-Chi Kuo in late September. According to the analyst at the time, he had "lost all visibility" on the project, and had doubts "that the Apple Car can go into mass production within the next years."

In March, Kuo offered that the Apple Car team had been dissolved and that a 2025 launch was in danger.

Sunday's commentary was as part of a discussion following Apple's Q4 2023 financial results. To "truly reinvigorate the business," Apple must create one of its "next big things" for the market, with Apple Car and mixed-reality in the form of Apple Vision Pro the most likely candidates to hit it big financially.