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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak hospitalized over possible stroke

Steve Wozniak

Local reports from Mexico City are saying that Steve Wozniak has been admitted to hospital, but conflicting sources mean it's not known for certain why.

According to Reuters, Woz had been scheduled to take part in a World Business Forum in Mexico City's Santa Fe neighborhood on Wednesday, November 8, 2023. A claim via TMZ says that Woz delivered a speech, but then reported "feeling strange."

At his wife's insistence, he went to hospital. Reuters says that the TMZ report claims Wozniak may have been suffering from vertigo. Other media sources in Mexico say that he may have suffered a stroke.

Then CNN reports that Woz fainted some minutes before he was due to give his speech.

Steven Gary Wozniak, 73, founded Apple with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne in 1976. Woz left Apple in 1985.