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Paris exhibition celebrates iPhone 15 Pro Max's role in capturing memories

Works by M. Fezehai, M. Ninagawa | Image Credit: Apple

Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max stars in "I Remember You" exhibition, featuring works by five artists exploring nostalgia and technology, showcasing the device's ability to capture life's fleeting moments.

Apple is set to showcase the artistic prowess of its iPhone 15 Pro Max camera system through a two-day photography exhibition titled "I Remember You," featuring original works by renowned artists Malin Fezehai, Karl Hab, Vivien Liu, Mika Ninagawa, and Stefan Ruiz. The exhibition, opening on Friday, November 10, in Paris, delves into the intersection of photography and nostalgia, celebrating the ability of images to capture and preserve precious memories.

This exhibition showcases the works of esteemed artists who delve into the impermanence of personal memories and highlight the role of photography in preserving fleeting moments. With the help of a professional-grade camera system on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, the artists aim to demonstrate the ease of use, utility, and impressive image quality achieved through their lenses.

"I Remember You" is curated by Isolde Brielmaier, Ph.D., who describes the exhibition as a "moving glimpse of life, preserved in time." The photographers, each with unique perspectives, share their conceptions of memory, connection, and nostalgia.

Malin Fezehai, based in New York City, expressed how the iPhone integrated into her photography workflow, marking a significant shift in capturing the world around her. Fezehai emphasized the device's ease of use and ability to effortlessly capture high-quality images, enabling her to document ordinary moments in extraordinary ways.

Karl Hab, a Paris-based photographer and certified aeronautics engineer, highlighted the iPhone's role as a third hand, capturing moments precisely as envisioned. With the new 5x Telephoto camera on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Hab discovered the ability to push the limits of the device and showcase a different perspective in his work.

Works by S. Ruiz, K. Hab | Image Credit: Apple
Works by S. Ruiz, K. Hab | Image Credit: Apple

Vivien Liu, a Hong Kong-based photographer with a background in architecture, praised the 5x lens on the iPhone 15 Pro Max for capturing details and textures in urban scenes. Liu's work portrays the synergy between people and space, utilizing the iPhone to enhance her creative process.

Mika Ninagawa, a multidisciplinary artist based in Tokyo, is presenting a series of vibrant and colorful images that showcase the impressive capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in capturing lush and dreamlike visuals. Known for her signature approach that bathes her work in vivid colors, Ninagawa's art aims to give viewers an appreciation for formal portraiture.

Stefan Ruiz, based in Brooklyn, New York, emphasizes the iPhone's ability to make shots feel less formal and more engaging for subjects. With its interactive nature, the iPhone allows subjects to actively participate in the creative process by passing the phone around and contributing to the shoot. Ruiz believes that this fosters collaboration and ultimately leads to better results.

"I Remember You" will be on display at the Salon Corderie in Le Marais in Paris on Friday, November 10, and Saturday, November 11, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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