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Ted Lasso returns to promote Hannah Waddingham's special

Jason Sudeikis (left) and Hannah Waddingham (right)

Ted Lasso — or at least star Jason Sudeikis — is back in a new role as taxi driver to Hannah Waddingham, ahead of her Apple TV+ Christmas special.

"Ted Lasso" was the first breakout hit for Apple TV+, and when it officially concluded after three seasons, its stars including co-creator Jason Sudeikis have both hoped and hinted at a future return for the character.

Apple has now released what may be exactly that, albeit in a single one-minute promo. In it, Hannah Waddingham takes a taxi ride in London and discovers that the driver is, well, definitely Jason Sudeikis.

The way it's played with the recognition between the two, you can choose to believe that it's Ted Lasso behind the wheel, joining Waddingham in song.

This promo is for the Hannah Waddingham "Home for Christmas" musical special. First announced in April 2023, and then filmed at the London Coliseum in May, the special has now begun streaming on Apple TV+.