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Sketchy report says 400,000 Apple Vision Pro units to ship initially, 10 million by 2026

Apple Vision Pro

A Chinese publication suggests Apple plans to sell millions of Apple Vision Pro units in its first three years, but the supply chain reporting is sketchy at best.

Apple Vision Pro is expected to ship in early 2024, and all signs point to Apple achieving that window. However, supply chain reports vary on exactly how many units Apple will ship in the first year.

According to an Interface News post shared by X user @Tech_Reve, Apple Vision Pro will ship 400,000 units at launch, 1 million in 2024, and up to 10 million in its first three years.

Revegnus misinterpreted this as 2025, but three years of Apple Vision Pro would be 2026 — a much more realistic window for such sales. However, the high cost of Apple's headset could prove prohibitive and prevent explosive growth. The rumored cheaper unit isn't expected until late 2025.

The report continues by breaking down the cost of Apple Vision Pro, suggesting it is $1,700 for parts and manufacturing. That's a far cry from Apple's $3,499 price but aligns with previous bill of materials estimated pre-announcement.

Despite Apple's reduced reliance on China in recent years, the report also suggests the Apple Vision Pro is built with 60% Chinese supply chain. It indicates this trend will continue into future headsets, which Apple has already communicated about the next two generations with supply chain sources.

This report is from a relatively unknown source we've not covered before. Even the X poster @Tech_Reve, a leaker with some accurate history, says this report is suspicious.

It is also contradictory to previous reports from better-known outlets. Rumors had previously suggested Apple would aim for 1 million units in 2024, but cut back orders to 400,000 for the entire year.

These numbers are the same, but the timeline is different. Monday's report is likely working with outdated information.

We're rating this story as unlikely, as there's too much old or contradictory information to take seriously. Future reports from more reliable sources may shed more light on these numbers, but for now, they are too unknown to reliably suggest they are likely.