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Apple donating $1 to (RED) for all Apple Store purchases made with Apple Pay through December 8

From November 28 to December 8, Apple is partnering with The Global Fund to help combat HIV/AIDS. During this limited-time initiative, Apple will donate $1 to The Global Fund for every purchase made using Apple Pay on, through the Apple Store app, or at any Apple Store.

This partnership aligns with Apple's ongoing support for global health, as a portion of (PRODUCT)RED purchase proceeds already aid The Global Fund.

The funds raised aim to support critical health programs, contributing to the ongoing fight against AIDS. This initiative highlights the potential impact of consumer choices on addressing significant global challenges.

Apple notes that for this specific initiative, the project is capped at a maximum $1 million donation.

Over 17 years, Apple has raised over a quarter-billion dollars for the Global Fund through (PRODUCT)RED sales. This funding aids vital healthcare services in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in rural communities and for pregnant women and families.

Apple is actively involved in the fight against AIDS by engaging customers year-round through various initiatives. This includes the participation of their Retail Stores and the App Store, as well as employee-driven programs. By choosing (RED) products, customers directly contribute to the Global Fund, which supports critical health programs and helps save lives.