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Tetraprism camera coming to iPhone 16 Pro, claims supply chain report

iPhone 15 Pro Max

The tetraprism camera lens that gives the iPhone 15 Pro Max greater zoom, will be added to the smaller iPhone 16 Pro in 2024, according to reports from Apple's supply chain.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in September 2023 that the two Pro models in 2024 would get this. Then he doubled down on the claim in November 2023.

Kuo's information was based on reports from component supplier Largan, which was expecting to increase its sales to Apple in the coming year. Now The Elec reports the same for LG Innotek — increased Apple orders in 2024, and specifically for the folded zoom actuators used in the tetraprism.

"Apple is planning to increase the number of models with folded zoom to two in the iPhone 16 series next year, so LG Innotek is expected to benefit," says the report, in translation. "Jahwa Electronics, which is in a competitive relationship with LG Innotek in this sector, may not be able to meet next year's benefits."

The folded zoom within the iPhone 15 Pro Max was reportedly exclusively provided by LG Innotek.

The Elec reports that multiple companies including LG Innotek, Jahwa, and Sony, and difficulties with production yields. The publication surmises that Apple has concluded LG Innotek is the best able to meet demand.

However, the publication also claims that Apple must increase the number of suppliers for tetraprism components, if it is not to face the same "production lags" as were reported with the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The Elec has decent sources within Apple's supply chain, and has produced accurate reporting on their comings and goings. It is less accurate on deciphering the timetable of what Apple does with those parts and orders.