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Bug in iOS 17 is switching apps while users type - but there's a fix

A bug in iOS 17 is switching the open app while the user is typing on the iPhone — but there is a temporary fix.

There are increasing reports of users being inconvenienced when typing away on their iPhone, and the device suddenly opening the app switcher interface. With users typing in full flow, the sudden appearance could result in them tapping on another app without thinking, interrupting and inconveniencing them mid-sentence.

The problem is one that has been around for quite some time, impacting all versions of iOS 17 from its initial release to the latest update, iOS 17.1.2.

While the reports on the Apple Community forums and Reddit first spotted by MacRumors shows there are quite a few people who are encountering this problem, Apple doesn't seem to have acknowledged there's an issue at this time, but a fix could always be included in a future update.

Due to the sporadic nature of the bug that seemingly is difficult to reproduce, it is believed that most instances occur when someone has been typing on the keyboard for a fairly long time. Though the actual cause of the problem isn't fully known, some users have found ways to work around the problem temporarily.

By turning off Reachability, which helps users reach UI elements in the top half of the display more easily, users report that the bug stops happening. A

How to disable Reachability in iOS 17

  1. Open Settings
  2. Select Accessibility
  3. Scroll to Physical and Motor, and select Touch
  4. Toggle off Reachability