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Folding displays for iPhone & MacBook Pro are the focuses of a new Samsung business group

A render of a possible folding Apple device

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Samsung Display has undergone an organizational shuffle that should help the Apple screen supplier provide foldable displays for not just an iPhone, but a MacBook Pro too.

Apple has been rumored to be working on the so-called "iPhone Fold" for quite some time, a smartphone with a hinged display that can fold in half. In South Korea, it appears one of Apple's display partners is preparing itself for orders.

In a Monday report by The Elec, Samsung has performed an organizational reshuffle that chiefly affects a team that handles supplies for Apple. The shake-up of the team is allegedly to focus on improving its capabilities, specifically with Apple's foldable in mind.

The small and medium-sized display division handles smartphone OLED and foldable panels, including development for the flexible screens. This division is now being strengthened to work more on making foldable devices more mainstream.

Samsung Display, along with fellow supply chain member LG Display, is already working on panels for future foldable products from Apple. The report says this includes one measured at 20.25 inches.

While an iPhone with a flexible display is going to get the most attention from the public, it's not the only product that could arrive with similar technology.

Rumors from early 2023 claimed Apple had shifted plans for its first foldable MacBook Pro, with expectations of a release sometime in 2025. Rather than using the typical notebook-style keyboard and trackpad, it would instead be an all-screen device like an iPad, but with a touchscreen keyboard for input.

Having already released a fifth-generation foldable smartphone, Samsung is already quite experienced with the production of the component. The shuffling of teams within Samsung Display to bring foldable product and panel development within the same team may help Samsung retain its lead, or build upon it.m