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2024 Apple Watch with new design rumored to get sleep apnea & blood pressure sensing

An Apple Watch detecting blood oxygen levels

A rumor claims that the a 2024 Apple Watch model will include a refreshed design, with new health features expected to include detection of hypertension and sleep apnea.

The 2023 releases of Apple Watch didn't bring much new to the table in terms of design and specifications. For 2024, which should be the "Series 10" generation of the device, Apple is expected to offer something a bit different.

Doubling down on some earlier claims about the milestone release, Mark Gurman wrote in Sunday's "Power On" newsletter for Bloomberg that Apple's 2024 plans for the range will include at least one model with a new look.

Along with a visual upgrade, Apple is also tipped to be working on two new health-related features for the celebrated wearable. Gurman writes that the new features could include sleep apnea detection as well as hypertension via blood pressure monitoring.

In both instances, they should function with alerts to users advising to seek out follow-up testing if either is detected.

Gurman adds that the existing Apple Watch range probably won't make a big splash in sales for the holidays, due to a "lack of compelling features" and minimal major changes for the 2023 releases. Medical features, such as those anticipated for a 2024 release, have "real marketing power."

The features will be of benefit to users, but won't necessarily be a fully fleshed out blood pressure monitoring system despite years of rumors that it was in development.

In November, it was reported that Apple was fearful of harming its image, so initial iterations of blood pressure monitoring will apparently offer advice of an upward trend and to see a doctor to avoid a misdiagnosis.

Future versions may provide more precise readings.