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Pixelmator Pro update gets more speed, and opens Illustrator EPS files

Pixelmator Pro can now open old EPS format files from Adobe Illustrator

The newly updated Pixelmator Pro 3.5.2 image editor has added support for Adobe Illustrator documents, including the older EPS format, and is on sale for half price for a limited time.

Only a week after version 3.5 was released with support for HDR image and video editing, Pixelmator Pro is updated again. This time it's concentrating on images, rather than video, and it's specifically focusing on Adobe Illustrator users.

For Pixelmator Pro offers full support for .AI files, letting users see and edit all layers, and layer groups. The makers claim that most apps show what an AI file looks like, but do so only by showing a PDF version rather than preserving layers.

Then there's also the older Adobe Illustrator file format, EPS. The Mac has long supported EPS directly — but Apple abandoned that in macOS Sonoma.

Performance and template updates

Pixemator Pro 3.5.2 has seen improvements to its speed and overall performance, though the makers have not specified how much faster the app is. The company does claim that the improvement will be noticeable when switching between tools or opening documents.

The app's long list of template documents has also been updated. With this release, Pixelmator Pro now includes 14 new holiday-themed templates for making posters, and social media posts.

Pixelmator Pro on sale

To mark the new version of the app, Pixelmator Pro is half price for one day. A 24-hour countdown is running from 9 A.M. ET on December 20, 2023, and sees the app costing $25 instead of its regular $50. The update is free to existing users.