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iPhone survives fall from Alaska Airlines midair blowout

The recovered iPhone was open at an Alaska Airline's baggage claim

An iPhone that was sucked out of the Alaska Airline flight ASA1282 has been found undamaged after a fall of 16,000 feet.

In mid-2020, an iPhone that fell 1,000 feet from a light aircraft had a damaged screen protector.

But now a completely undamaged iPhone has been found after being sucked out of the Alaska Airline's Boeing 737 Max 9 flight which lost an entire door shortly after takeoff from Portland, Oregon.

It was found by Seanathan Bates, who reports that the iPhone was in airplane mode, had around 50% battery charge, and was opened to an Alaska Airline's baggage claim. He goes on to say that part of a charger was plugged into the phone, broken off when the iPhone "got 'yanked' out the door."

Bates reported the missing phone to the National Transportation Safety Board, and says a representative from the NTSB told him this was the second phone to be recovered after the accident.

The iPhone survived a fall of around 16,000 feet, but it did have a hard protective case. In late 2020, a skydiver dropped his iPhone from 14,000 feet and it survived, also with an apparently rugged case.

Separately, a door plug from the flight was also found. While the incident is still being investigated, a window and section of fuselage was blown out of the flight on January 5, 2023.

As a result, the FAA grounded 171 Boeing 737 Max 9 planes.