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Narwal introduces Narwal Freo X Ultra and other robot vacuums at CES

Narwal Freo X Ultra

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The Narwal Freo X Ultra is the latest flagship robot vacuum and mop from the company, revealed alongside two other products during CES and set to be available starting in March.

Narwal has revealed the Narwal Freo X Ultra, Narwal Freo X Plus, and Narwal S10 Pro during CES 2024. These new cleaning solutions hope to bring flawless floors to homes.

The new flagship Narwal Freo X Ultra is a robotic vacuum and mop with a tangle-free floating brush that can store dust for up to 60 days. The onboard computer has AI DirtSense technology that can identify problem-cleaning areas on the home map.

The Narwal Freo X Plus has many of the same features as the X Ultra, just without a self-cleaning base station. Both models hold and compact dust within the robot for 60 days, removing the need for storage within the base station.

Narwal's new robots have 60,000 RPM fan rotational speed and 8,200 PA suction for X Ultra and 7,800 PA for X Plus. The Zero-Tangling Floating Brush can capture 99.56% of hair with zero tangling.

Not to be left out of the artificial intelligence race, Narwal AI DirtSense can assess the cleanliness of water used during mopping to detect dirty floor areas. The robot returns to trouble areas until DirtSense sees the water improve.

Narwal Freo X Ultra comes packed with AI cleaning features
Narwal Freo X Ultra comes packed with AI cleaning features

The robots navigate via LiDAR SLAM 4.0. Voice assistants like Siri are also supported for giving direct commands.

The Narwal S10 Pro is a handheld wet-dry vacuum with 32 running water streams that produce 17N mopping pressure and 76AW suction efficiency. The light and nimble vacuum is easy to maneuver with a 180-degree rotation.

The Freo X Ultra costs $1,399, and the Freo X Plus costs $469, with both arriving in March. The S10 Pro is $449 and launches in April.

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