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What comes in the $3499 Apple Vision Pro box

Apple Vision Pro Light Seal

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Apple supplies the Apple Vision Pro with a number of items in the box, all so owners can get up and running with their headset as quickly as possible. Here's what inside.

While the Apple Vision Pro will eventually have a similar third-party accessory market, much like the iPhone, Apple includes some elements in the box it ships with.

Explained as part of the launch date announcement, and practically on display on February 2, users will get a number of items alongside the mixed reality headset itself.

For a start, the Apple Vision Pro includes the Solo Knit Band and Dual Loop Band. By adding both, Apple gives users the choice of how they want the Apple Vision Pro to fasten to their head.

Smaller items in the box include a Light Seal and two Light Seal Cushions, to minimize external light from leaking in and spoiling the effect for users.

The box also contains an Apple Vision Pro Cover for the front, an Apple Polishing Cloth, a battery, USB-C Charge Cable, and a USB-C Power Adapter.

Apple Vision Pro is now available to order in the U.S. Initial orders have arrived already — stay tuned to AppleInsider for in-depth coverage on Apple's first new product category since the Apple Watch in years.