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Apple continues its 17-year streak of being the most admired company in the world

Apple has secured the top spot as most admired company for 17 years running

Apple has secured its seventeenth year running as the most admired company in the world, according to Fortune, with Microsoft and Amazon rounding out the top three spots.

Determining the most admired company began with a list of 1,500 companies, including the 1,000 largest companies in the U.S. and 500 non-U.S. companies with revenues of at least $10 billion. The list was narrowed down to 660 after Fortune focused on the highest-revenue companies in each industry.

Then, more than 3,700 executives, directors, and analysts were polled, rating each company in categories such as investment value, quality of management, and social responsibility.

According to Fortune, Apple is the most admired company among industry professionals for the 17th year running. It scored first in social responsibility, financial soundness, innovation, and global competitiveness.

Apple received an overall score of 8.19, which is down from its score of 8.65 from the year prior.

Microsoft took the second spot, though it took the top spot in the computer software industry.

Amazon dropped to third, down one position from last year. It secured top marks in internet services and retail.