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Apple Vision Pro immersive titles have begun showing up in Apple TV app ahead of launch

Apple Vision Pro immersive experiences

Apple's 8K immersive experience series have started populating in the Apple TV app, though you'll need the Apple Vision Pro to interact.

Apple Vision Pro launches on Friday and there are signs of that impending release beginning to show in Apple services. The Apple TV app already showed signs of 3D titles in the library, but now immersive experiences have appeared.

Searching for the term "immersive" will reveal four titles as of this publication. Tapping into the titles reveals more information, but no trailers or viewable content is available.

The content is as follows:

Wild Life

One episode of "Wild Life" is available at launch titled "Rhinos." This episode lets viewers explore the world's largest rhino sanctuary.

A woman in a cowboy hat smiles while touching a rhino's horn, with a zebra close by, in a grassy field under a cloudy sky.
'Wild Life'
Get up close and personal with some of the most charismatic creatures on the planet — and uncover what makes them unique with the experts who know them best.


One episode of "Adventure" is available at launch titled "Highlining." Viewers get to watch Faith Dickey traverse a canyon on a tightrope.

Person balances on a slackline high above a scenic canyon with misty mountains in the background, wearing safety gear and focused expression.
Join pioneering athletes as they take on awe-inspiring challenges in some of the world's most spectacular locations.

Prehistoric Planet Immersive

One episode of "Prehistoric Planet Immersive" is available at launch titled "Pterosaur Beach." It follows a pterosaur colony off of a rugged ocean coast.

A large tyrannosaurus rex stands beside three smaller dinosaurs on a beach at sunset.
'Prehistoric Planet Immersive'
Transport yourself into the daily lives of dinosaurs, and follow the struggles and triumphs of these majestic animals amid spectacular scenery.

Alicia Keys Rehearsal Room

"Alicia Keys Rehearsal Room" lets viewers get a close up look at Alicia Keys' studio. It's a short film that's 20 minutes long.

Alicia Keys sits in her studio filled with music recording equipment.
'Alicia Keys Rehearsal Room'
Get a rare glimpse into the Grammy winner's creative process with this intimate rehearsal session featuring renditions of her hits "No One," "If I Ain't Got You," and "You Don't Know My Name."

Adding these experiences to Up Next is possible, but they don't show up in the main Up Next interface. Apple likely won't show these anywhere except on the Apple Vision Pro Apple TV app.