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There is an Apple Vision Pro YouTube viewer app, but it isn't from Google

Juno for YouTube on Apple Vision Pro (Source: Christian Selig)

Even as YouTube itself declines to make a native app for Apple's new Apple Vision Pro, a developer has done it for them with Juno.

Google's YouTube is among the streaming apps that will not get official native apps for Apple Vision Pro. Instead, users of YouTube, Spotify, Netflix and more would have to use these services via the Safari browser.

However, independent developer Christian Selig has made Juno, a third-party alternative viewer for YouTube, and it is now available on the Apple Vision Pro App Store.

"YouTube is probably one of the parts of the internet I consume the most, so I was more than a little sad when YouTube announced that they don't have plans to build a visionOS app, and disabled the option to load the iPad app," wrote Selig in a blog post. "This leaves you with Safari, and the website is okay, but definitely doesn't feel like a visionOS app."

Selig was the developer behind the Apollo reader app for Reddit. In 2023, Apollo was forced to close down after Reddit introduced new fees that made it simply too expensive to run a reader app.

"Then I remembered for years my old app, Apollo, played back YouTube videos submitted to Reddit pretty well, and I developed a pretty good understanding of how YouTube worked," he continues. "That sparked the idea to reuse some of Apollo's code there and build a little YouTube client of my own for visionOS, and after a mad week of coding 'Juno for YouTube' is born."

"Does it feel like a perfectly native visionOS app?" he says. "Well, no, but it's a heck of a lot nicer than the website, and to be fair Google apps normally do their own thing rather than use iOS system UI, so not sure we'll ever fully see that."

Juno is available on the Apple Vision Pro App Store for $4.99.