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Recharge the Apple Vision Pro twice as fast with a better power adapter

Apple Vision Pro battery

The Apple Vision Pro battery could be recharged at a rate twice as fast as if you used the in-box charger, with it shown to be capable of drawing up to 65W using a different power source.

Buyers of the Apple Vision Pro will find a 30W charger included in the box with the headset, one that is used to recharge the accompanying battery pack. While it is enough for typical user charging needs, it appears that simply using a higher-powered charger will shorten the recharge time.

In an AppleInsider forum post by user "Ndornquast" late on launch day, the Apple Vision Pro's battery was tested using a combination of a 100W charger and a cable that has a built-in power meter display.

The photograph shows the battery with the end of the power meter plugged in, and a reading of 62W, though the poster adds that it was drawing up to 65W.

It's added that the Apple Vision Pro was being actively used at the same time that the battery was being used. While some of that 65W draw would go towards powering the Apple Vision Pro headset during use, the fact that all the power is going through the battery system demonstrates it is capable of recharging far beyond the included 30W charger's abilities.

The high power level is encouraging for owners who may be impatient in waiting for their Apple Vision Pro, but don't want to use it while tethered to a cable.

Apple doesn't specify what wattage the Apple Vision Pro can actively use, but does confirm that it can be used while the battery is recharged. Early reviews put the recharge rate at around 1.5 hours for up to 2.5 hours of usage time, though it is unclear if those reviews used the included charger.