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Here's what the Apple Vision Pro thank you card looks like

Image credit: kennythestriker (via eBay)

Apple employees who helped launch the Apple Vision Pro have received a limited edition thank you card — which has already started showing up on eBay.

The card itself is simple, boasting the outline of an Apple Vision Pro headset and the text "Thank you for helping the world say hello to Apple Vision Pro." The back is left blank.

It's printed on heavy cardstock and features the same iridescent foil that the company used for its Swift Challenge swag in 2023.

It's not known exactly which employees have received the card or if any other items were gifted alongside it.

We've reached out to members of Apple Retail that we've been talking to for years. At present, it doesn't appear to be universally gifted to everyone at retail.

"I might get a card for working launch day? Sweet," one of our contacts said. Another contact wasn't expecting it to materialize.

While the card may not be as exciting as magnetic pins or a pair of Apple-branded shoes, the cards have already begun popping up on eBay. One listing has a $51 bid at the time of posting, while another features a Buy It Now price set at $600.