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TikTok dances onto the Apple Vision Pro

Image Credit: TikTok

TikTok has launched a new native app for the Apple Vision Pro, offering a new, immersive way for users to experience their favorite videos.

The short-form video platform has joined the small but growing library of native apps on the visionOS App Store. The announcement came Thursday on the X social media platform.

TikTok is only one of many existing platforms that have made the leap to Apple's new headset. Even YouTube, who previously said it would not launch on the Apple Vision Pro, has decided to create an app for it.

Prior to the launch of Apple Vision Pro, there were concerns about the availability of native experiences upon its release to the public. Initial reports in January indicated that the number of available experiences would be around 150, but this number quickly increased to 600 by early February.

Currently, app engagement is low on the Apple Vision Pro. Many developers are seeing downloads in the hundreds — if not lower. However, we anticipate this will likely change as more well-known apps begin showing up on the platform.