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A luxury airline says it'll hand out Apple Vision Pro to select passengers

Image Credit: Beond

In an effort to improve inflight entertainment, Beond airline will be giving certain customers on its flights the Apple Vision Pro.

Beond bills itself as the world's first "premium leisure airline" and offers business-class-only accommodations to its customers. This includes seats that fold down completely, gourmet meals, and, for some passengers — the Apple Vision Pro.

"The Apple Vision Pro will transform the inflight entertainment experience, and we will be first to offer it to select passengers," Beond CEO Tero Taskila said in a press statement.

"Offering the Apple Vision Pro is another step in our vision of delivering a premium travel experience to our customers, from the start to finish of their journey. We're proud to be the first airline to deploy the technology."

While this seems like a neat accommodation for an airline to offer, it's not without drawbacks. The Apple Vision Pro is generally custom-fitted to the customer at the time of purchase. Passengers may find that the provided Apple Vision Pro does not fit properly.

There is also some concern with cleaning the headsets between customers, a topic we've covered in our look at professional use cases for the Apple Vision Pro.