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Bluetti launches SwapSolar power station & portable fridge, with Super Early Bird pricing

Introducing Bluetti SwapSolar on Indiegogo.

Bluetti is building off its game-changing success on Indiegogo with the launch of SwapSolar, which includes the brand-new MultiCooler and hot-swappable portable power station AC180T.

The Bluetti SwapSolar ecosystem opens the wilderness for extended camping, and the first LFP-powered MultiCooler fridge delivers next-level comforts never thought possible. Now, you don't have to give up daily conveniences when exploring the backcountry.

Introducing Bluetti SwapSolar - an innovation to extend any adventure

SwapSolar is a revolutionary concept for portable power solutions, bringing with it brand-new products and establishing an entire ecosystem. The swappable B70 battery pairs with the AC180T and the Bluetti MultiCooler for on-demand expansion.

Graphic illustration of LFP batteries, highlighted in blue, with labeled attributes: Stable, Safe, and Enduring.
LiFePO4 batteries are at the core of the B70.

These B70 batteries are LiFePO4 batteries with an output of 1,200W and a capacity of 716.8Wh. The removable design lets these batteries swap between devices (the MultiCooler and AC180T) and have a lifespan of 3,000 charges and 5,000 swaps.

On their own, the B70 swappable batteries can deliver three to six days of outdoor adventures. Yet, when you pair them with the MultiCooler or AC180T, you unlock a portable refrigerator that outpaces any ice chest alternative, as well as a versatile charging station.

Bluetti's MultiCooler - the perfect ice chest alternative

Traditional camping trips used to rely on the classic ice chest to keep food cold. These archaic plastic boxes filled with bags of ice had a habit of melting quickly, leaking water everywhere and leaving campers with questionable food safety.

Man and woman with a dog sitting at a picnic table by a lakeside, with portable power stations on the table.
Bluetti MultiCooler and AC180T on an outdoor adventure.

The next evolution of the ice chest came in the form of DC-powered plug-in coolers. However, those are inefficient, energy-thirsty devices that are best for small day trips.

Luckily, Bluetti has a solution — the MultiCooler with SwapSolor tech. The MultiCooler is the ultimate ice chest, providing ice-making, refrigeration, and freezer capabilities in one stylish package.

The MultiCooler is a 42qt (40L) unit, enough to hold five six-packs or provisions for several days in the wilderness. It can reach temperatures as cold as -4 degrees Fahrenheit, and with the powerful compressor, it can drop temperatures from 86 degrees to freezing in as little as 15 minutes.

Outdoor adventures using bagged ice are not a clean or refreshing way to cool your drinks. The Bluetti MultiCooler produces crystal-clear cubes in no time, providing clean and safe ice for soda, cocktails, or ice-cold water.

A hand holding a tray of ice cubes over an open freezer compartment, ready to deposit them.
Crystal-clear ice making on-demand.

Aside from the cooling capabilities, the MultiCooler has other notable features, including the wheels and drawbar that make transportation more accessible, along with the relatively quiet 45dB sound while making ice. Although it is somewhat heavy at about 53 pounds, the wheels make it easy to move around.

The MultiCooler also has an LCD touchscreen and buttons to control a wide range of features, including Bluetooth connectivity, Eco, and self-clean modes. With a battery installed, you can keep the MultiCooler running for as long as three days, and with solar charging, you can run non-stop cooling.

Bluetti AC180T - the latest portable power solution

We hinted at the Bluetti AC180T already, but it's time to formally introduce the new portable power station properly. The Bluetti AC180T takes the reliable, stable power delivery from other Bluetti solutions but adds the removable battery design for greater flexibility.

A portable power station on the ground with outdoor camping gear and an open car trunk in the background.
Bluetti AC180T with SwapSolar battery tech.

The AC180T can hold up to two B70 batteries, producing a continuous output of up to 1,800W and a capacity of 1,433.6Wh. The LiFePO4 batteries are robust, with a lifespan of 3,000 cycles or more, and the hot-swappable functionality means you can deliver an instant full charge whenever you need it.

The AC180T and B70 batteries have multiple charging methods and rapid charging capabilities. Using an AC wall charger, you can enjoy 80% charge in as little as 45 minutes at 1,440W with two B70 batteries, with a full charge in 70 minutes.

While on your adventure, pair the AC180T with up to 500W of solar charging for quiet, clean energy whenever the sun shines. Plus, the Bluetti AC180T allows you to take your favorite electronics with you while you unwind outdoors.

Pricing, availability, and Bluetti's industry-leading warranty

The SwapSolar Indiegogo campaign started on February 21st with limited-quantity deals and Super Early Bird pricing that discounts these groundbreaking Bluetti products by significant amounts. Check out the pricing for these new portable power solutions:

Man unpacking a portable power station from the back of a pickup truck on a sunny day with palm trees in the background.
Swap the B70 between the MultiCooler and the AC180T.
  • 100 AC180T units on sale for $849 (retail price: $1,299)
  • 300 B70 batteries on sale for $299 (retail price: $429)
  • 300 MultiCoolers on sale for $569 (retail price: $899)
  • 200 AC180T + MultiCooler bundles for $1,429 (retail price: $2,198)
  • 100 AC180T + MultiCooler + B70 bundles for $1,719 (retail price: $2,627)
  • 100 MultiCooler + B70 bundles for $799 (retail price: $1,328)

To provide peace of mind for your portable convenience, Bluetti offers an industry-leading five-year warranty for the AC180T and two years for the MultiCooler. These warranties reflect Bluetti's commitment to sustainability and green power delivery, tailored for outdoor getaways.

Elevate your outdoor experience with Bluetti's SwapSolar tech

Bluetti's success in Indiegogo campaigns spawned the next generation of industry-changing products, such as SwapSolar. The collection of SwapSolar components, the AC180T, B70, and MultiCooler, elevate outdoor experiences like never before, powering conveniences and keeping your food and drinks cold.

You can join the campaign and secure your next-generation portable power solutions today, but the Super Early Bird pricing has limited quantities, meaning you'll want to buy today.