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New OWC Atlas card reader moves data just as fast as Thunderbolt

New OWC Atlas card reader

The new OWC Atlas CFexpress 4.0 Type B Card Reader can dramatically speed up data transfer times for photographers and other professionals.

With a data transfer speed limited only by Thunderbolt, the OWC Atlas CFexpress Card Reader significantly reduces transfer times. Its performance is further enhanced when paired with an OWC Atlas Ultra memory card, delivering real-world speeds over 3300MB/s.

The OWC Atlas CFexpress Card Reader is not only powerful but also portable. Similar in size and weight to an iPhone, it easily fits into a pocket or gear bag. It's bus-powered and comes with a USB-C cable, eliminating the need for external power supplies.

The reader is equipped with Innergize technology, enabling users to verify the health status, restore peak performance, and update the firmware of OWC Atlas memory cards. Innergize, a free app from OWC, ensures that the cards are continually operating at their best.

OWC's card reader remains securely positioned during operation thanks to its non-skid rubber feet, while the inclusion of an OWC ClingOn, a stabilizing device, ensures the USB-C connecting cable is firmly attached. The ClingOn attaches to the cable and device port through an adhesive, ensuring a snug and stable connection.

Comparison table showing file transfer times for different types of media files across three CFexpress card readers.
Over 4x Faster Ingest vs USB 3 Readers

The reader is fanless, with a thermally efficient design for silent operation. Moreover, users can easily confirm the card reader's use status through an integrated LED.

The card reader supports a wide range of devices and systems, including USB4 and USB-C-equipped Macs, Windows PCs, iPads, Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones.

System requirements

The OWC Atlas CFexpress 4.0 Type B Card Reader is designed to be highly compatible. It supports macOS versions starting from 10.13.4 and onwards, ensuring Mac users can use its full capabilities.

For Windows users, the device is compatible with Windows 10 and later versions. Additionally, the card reader enhances its utility by supporting Thunderbolt 3 on macOS devices running version 11.1.0 or higher.

Black and silver external card reader with CFexpress B 4.0 label on the front.
The OWC Atlas CFexpress Card Reader is powerful and portable

The Innergize software package requires at least macOS 11 Big Sur or Windows 10 and later. Innergize is compatible with a variety of OWC memory cards, including the OWC Atlas Pro SD, OWC Atlas Ultra SD, OWC Atlas Pro CFexpress, and OWC Atlas Ultra CFexpress.

Additionally, it supports OWC memory card readers, docks equipped with memory card readers, and storage solutions that incorporate memory card readers

Pricing & Availability

Starting at just $99.99, the Atlas USB4 CFexpress 4.0 Type B card reader is engineered to transform workflows with its fast data speeds, extensive compatibility, and the convenience of a compact, bus-powered design.