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EU officials are not happy with how Apple is handling Progressive Web Apps

EU prepares to probe Apple over Progressive Web App issues

Some European lawmakers allege that Apple is shirking its responsibility to comply with the Digital Markets Act by removing Progressive Web Apps — and are preparing to launch an investigation.

In early February, European Union users began noticing that Progressive Web Apps weren't working properly in iOS 17.4. At the time, the issue wasn't immediately clear.

It was later found out that, due to security and privacy considerations, Apple opted to remove the Home Screen web apps feature in the EU. The company cited concerns about potential misuse by malicious web apps, given that third-party browsers will be available.

However, as the Financial Times points out, the European Commission believes Apple may be limiting routes developers can take to avoid Apple's 30% App Store commission fee. The move has landed Apple in hot water once again as lawmakers send information requests to both the company and app developers.

"We are indeed looking at the compliance packages of all gatekeepers, including Apple," the European Commission said in a statement. "In that context, we're in particular looking into the issue of progressive web apps, and can confirm sending the requests for information to Apple and to app developers, who can provide useful information for our assessment."

Apple did not provide a new comment to Financial Times. Instead, it reiterated that the change would affect only a small number of users overall.

Support for Progressive Web Apps has never been fantastic. However, their removal is perplexing, given Apple's previous stance on the matter. Apple has utilized the existence of this functionality as an anti-trust defense on a global level.