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Apple is gearing up to celebrate spring with new Apple Watch band colors

2023 spring Apple Watch bands - image credit MacRumors

Apple is preparing to usher in the new season with a sunny new lineup of Apple Watch bands in a variety of pastel colors.

While not officially announced, Apple is likely gearing up for a spring special event that could take place in March. And, alongside the new product drops, we can expect to see new accessories.

This season, we should see some new Apple Watch bands. According to MacRumors on Tuesday the colors will supposedly include Light Blue, Ocean Blue, Pink, Raspberry, Soft Mint, and Sunshine (likely a light yellow). There will also be two new Hermes colors, Bleu Celeste, and Jaune de Naples.

As it typically does, the Apple Watch app will allow users to select a color for their Apple Watch face that matches the new bands.

Apple frequently uses the same colors for iPhone and iPad cases, allowing customers to color-coordinate their Apple products. Apple also released a 2023 spring refresh for Apple Watch bands and silicone cases for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.