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Apple Vision Pro could launch overseas sooner than expected

Apple Vision Pro

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that increased component production and US sales trends means Apple has the capacity to launch Apple Vision Pro internationally, sooner.

Ming-Chi Kuo has previously predicted that the Apple Vision Pro will be released internationally within months of its US launch. It was an estimate based chiefly on his experience of reporting on Apple, but now he says that US sales figures and increased component orders back him up.

"Due to the limited demand growth in the U.S. market, advancing the global release schedule is favorable when the supply improves," he said in his blog. "The actual release time will depend on Apple's software modification schedule to comply with other countries' regulations."

"I still maintain my prediction that Apple may launch Vision Pro in more countries before WWDC this year," he concludes.

Separately, other industry reports say that China is likely to see the Apple Vision Pro launch by May at the latest. However, there are potential trademark issues in China, as Huawei has previously registered the term "Vision Pro."

Apple's initial limiting of the Apple Vision Pro to the US has also not prevented people from all over the world traveling to the States to buy one. Though reportedly many returning to Berlin, Germany, have had their Apple Vision Pro devices confiscated by customs officials.