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Meet the real 'Masters of the Air' in Apple's new documentary

Nate Mann plays pilot Major Robert Rosenthal in "Masters of the Air"

Apple TV+ has released a teaser trailer for "The Bloody Hundreth," the true story of the aircrews depicted in "Masters of the Air."

Streaming from March 15, 2024 — the same day the last episode of "Masters of the Air" is released — the new documentary is an hour-long account of the lives that inspired the drama. It's narrated by Tom Hanks and directed by Mark Herzog.

"'The Bloody Hundredth,' is a new documentary honoring the real-life heroes of the 100th Bomb Group," says Apple. "From the shock of Pearl Harbor to the joy of VE Day, [it] is a record of what was endured and achieved by a group of young Americans when their country and the world needed them most."

While Apple TV+ does not release ratings figures for any shows, it has previously announced that "Masters of the Air" broke records. Specifically, it had "more viewers in its opening weekend than any Apple TV+ series ever has in its first season."

Six of the drama's nine episodes are now available to watch on Apple TV+, with the rest following weekly until March 15, 2024.