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Apple's Self Service Repair expanding to M3 Macs

Apple Self Service Repair

New support documents suggested that Apple's Self Service Repair program will expand to M3-equipped iMacs and MacBooks, and parts availability started on Thursday morning.

The Self Service Repair program launched in 2022 for iPhones then expanded to select Macs in 2023. While every part and repair option isn't available, it does enable enterprising users to perform certain repair tasks away from Apple's official repair providers.

Support documents spotted on Thursday said that the Self Service Repair program would expand to include M3 Macs. Repair manuals and select tools have already appeared, and on Thursday parts were made available.

The highlighted repairs that are available include bottom casing replacement for MacBooks and needed part numbers for internal iMac repairs.

The program's procedures remain essentially the same. Following a user's self-diagnosis, the customer places an order for the parts and tools using a special online store.

Consumers will have to return "core" parts the same as repair shops do now, to receive a credit towards the initial part purchase price.

The complexity of repair work, and the high cost of the parts, means that Apple's Self Service Repair program remains not practical for individuals who just scratched their display. As expensive as going to an authorized Apple repairer can be, that will remain the most economic route in terms of cost, time, and the risk of damaging devices further.

Update February 29, 9:00 AM ET Updated with parts availability