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A software engineer wore Apple Vision Pro to his wedding, much to his new bride's chagrin

image Credit: Jacob Wright

A new viral image circulating the internet shows a young man wearing the Apple Vision Pro in his wedding pictures, after his new bride explicitly asked him not to.

For most people, a wedding is a time of excitement, new beginnings, and celebrating love. For Jacob Wright, it was as good an excuse as any to make the questionable decision to bust out his new Apple Vision Pro.

To his credit, Wright didn't wear it during the ceremony which would have clearly started the marriage off on a bad foot. He did wear it in the post-wedding pictures, as well as throughout the reception.

Wright, a software engineer at artificial intelligence startup Runpod, says playing with new tech is a hobby of his. His wife, Cambree, isn't a big fan of the Apple Vision Pro.

She called the device "a little creepy."

That wasn't all, though. Cambree explicitly requested that it didn't make an appearance in their wedding photos.

"He's like, 'Hey baby, can we get pictures with the Apple Vision Pro?'" Cambree told SFGate. "He probably asked me two or three times. I was like, 'No, no, no, we have to wait, we have to wait.' And then I turn around one minute and he has it on."

The picture shows Cambree looking disgusted. She later clarified that she wasn't — but we have doubts about that.

"I totally look pissed in the picture," she told SFGate, even though she does. "But I wasn't pissed."

Wright justified donning the headset during the couple's big day as it enables him to capture Spatial Video. Of course, the iPhone 15 Pro can shoot Spatial Video, too.