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Apple Card, Savings data now available in more third-party budget apps

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Users of third-party budgeting apps for iOS can now keep track of their Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Savings figures, with Apple allowing access to the data points once again.

Information on spending habits and financial health was previously available in the third-party budgeting service Mint. After Mint closed and was rolled into Intuit Credit Karma, users didn't have any other alternatives to monitor their data outside of Apple's interfaces.

In a very quiet change as part of iOS 17.4, Apple is allowing more third-party budgeting and financial health apps access to data for a user's Apple Card, Apple Cash, and Savings.

So far, AppleInsider is aware of at least three apps with such access, with Monarch and Copilot mentioning in the App Store that they are using the new data. YNAB contacted AppleInsider about its own update. .

The change is unusual, as Apple did not communicate it as part of the iOS 17.4 release notes, nor in any of the betas for iOS 17.4. However, Apple did reveal that Apple Cash users could set up a virtual card within the developer betas.

In a blog post about the update, Monarch explains that the feature will automatically synchronize the transactions, without needing the user to import statements at the end of a month. This includes live spending data, as well as helping users budget throughout the month properly.

AppleInsider has contacted Monarch for further details about the change.